Over 40 Years of Serving the Community

In-Patient Detoxification Programs

  • 116 beds at CMAC – 6 beds CRNY
  • Provides medically supervised detoxification 24/7
  • Staffed by multi-disciplinary teams of trained, experienced health care professionals.
  • Methadone/Suboxone may be used in the detox protocol.
  • Patients may be maintained on Methadone/ Suboxone while detoxing from other substances.

In-Patient Rehabilitation Programs

  • 60 beds at CMAC – 93 beds CRNY
  • Provide comprehensive medical, nursing and counseling services 24/7.
  • Provides chemical dependency rehabilitation services designed to help the patient develop the necessary skills to maintain a clean and sober lifestyle.
  • Comprehensive bio-psycho-social evaluations.
  • Individualized Treatment Plans to address patient needs.
  • Patients may be maintained on Methadone/Suboxone