Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Programs at Cornerstone approach client treatment with the premise that alcoholism and drug addiction are chronic diseases and that recovery is a lifelong process. During the rehabilitation program, Cornerstone’s multidisciplinary staff completes an extensive evaluation and develops an individualized treatment plan with the client. Treatment includes individual and group therapy, activity therapies, lectures and films, educational seminars, a nutritional program and meetings of 12-step programs (AA, CA, NA) as well as other self-help groups.

Medical Detox

Medical Detox is the highest level of care because it involves medical monitoring of the withdrawal process by our licensed team of medical doctors and nurses. Cornerstone’s detoxification programs offer variable lengths of stay depending on individual need. When medically stable, clients are discharged to the next appropriate level of care, as determined by a thorough, individual evaluation.

Types of Addiction Treatment Programs

Cornerstone offers Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Detoxification Programs including our signature Rehabilitation Program. Our inpatient units admit clients requiring medically supervised detoxification from alcohol and drugs. These 24-hour units operate seven days a week and provide comprehensive evaluation, medical, nursing and clinical services. At Cornerstone the emphasis is on the individual. Every aspect of treatment is directed toward preserving and enhancing dignity and self-esteem. Each client is assigned to a primary clinician who develops an individualized treatment plan and works with that person to achieve and maintain recovery.

Continued Recovery and Our Aftercare Plan

Each client who attends a Cornerstone program is provided with a discharge plan that includes referrals to other appropriate levels of inpatient and outpatient care both within and outside the Cornerstone Treatment Facilities Network. Cornerstone’s goal is to help clients maintain abstinence by helping them to build a strong foundation for a lasting recovery through support systems, regular attendance at self-help groups, the development of relapse prevention strategies and re-establishment of positive relationships with significant others.


“I feel I am on my way to a new and better life. Thank you so much!” – Former Cornerstone Patient